Bible Studies

Pastor Dereck Grant

07706 803 366

Every Wednesday at 7pm (except the first of the month and not during school holidays).

We have a brief overview of a Bible book with a short DVD clip and PowerPoint slides along with other material to help you understand the study. From February we will be looking at all the New Testament books of the Bible.

Children's Ministry

Gabi Grant

07425 013 074

Gabi Grant is the Children’s Co-ordinator along with Anna MacLean and Sally Mulder who work as a team.

Sunday school for all primary school children every Sunday (except school term). All our Sunday school teachers have been trained and disclosed with PVGs. Our church is a very child friendly church. Children are our future!

Men's Breakfasts

Pastor Dereck Grant

07706 803 366

Derek Gobbett stepped down as the Men’s co-ordinator for the North of Scotland in December 2017 due to ill health. Therefore, we are waiting for someone to take up the challenge to be the new Men’s Co-ordinator, so we can have regular men’s breakfasts.

The dates we meet on were the first Saturday of the month in the Gospel Hall (except July and January). We are currently praying for a new Men’s Co-ordinator to take on this role.

Prayer Meetings

John Palmer

07799 132 413

We encourage people to set up small prayer cell groups through out the week. John Palmer sends around a text message to let people know if an urgent prayer request comes in. We also have a prayer book, and we pray and fast at certain times of the year.

If you need prayer, please contact John Palmer and he will ad your prayer request to our Thursday, WhatsApp, the day we pray for special requests.


Pastor Dereck Grant

07706 803 366

Pastor Dereck Grant does most of the church’s chaplaincy work. He has been part of the joint collegial team of local minister who have served in the local primary and secondary schools. He has done the same in local care homes and in the local hospital.

Pastor Dereck Grant has worked part-time for the Railway Mission since 2014. At the same time, he became the chaplain for the local football team Nairn County FC in 2017.