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The Pentecostal Church of God Nairn is a member of the Church of God, with its international headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee USA. Our church was part of a pioneering work in the north of Scotland. In fact, it was formally started on the 21st January 2007 by Pastor Dereck Grant and his wife, Gabi Grant. The church has accomplished much since then. You can read about our history on our website…

At the same time, our church is part of the Church of God, since its beginning has been a movement, a moving church with a mission of ministry to the world. The Church of God Scotland is Christian, Protestant, Pentecostal denomination Evangelistic in outreach and Charismatic in worship. The Church of God has a presence in 184 countries with a worldwide of membership of over 7 million. The Church of God in Scotland consists of people just like you, from many different nations, languages, and age groups.

If after visiting our website you have any questions or inquiries about the Pentecostal Church of God Nairn or its programmes and ministries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Pentecostal Church of God Nairn.

Committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Nairn in the power of the Spirit and with the love of God

Declaration of Faith

Doctrinal Commitments

Mark 1:15 / Luke 13:3 / Acts 3:19

Romans 5:1 / Titus 3:7

Titus 3:5

John 3:3 / 1 Peter 1:23 / 1 John 3:9

Romans 5:2 / 1 Corinthians 1:30 / 1 Thessalonians 4:3 / Hebrews 13:12

Luke 1:75 / 1 Thessalonians 4:7 / Hebrews 12:14

Matthew 28:19 / Mark 1:9, 10 / John 3:22, 23 / Acts 8:36, 38

Matthew 3:11 / Luke 24:49, 53 / Acts 1:4-8

As the Spirit gives utterance as the initial evidence of the baptism in the Holy Ghost. John 15:26 / Acts 2:4 / Acts 10:44-46 / Acts 19:1-7

Exodus 19:5, 6 / Psalm 22:22 / Matthew 16:13-19 / 28:19,20 / Acts 1:8 / Acts 2:42-47 / Acts 7:38 / Acts 20:28 / Romans 8:14-17 / 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17 / 12:12-31 / 2 Corinthians 6:6-18 / Ephesians 2:19-22; 3:9, 21 / Philipians 3:10 / Hebrews 2:12 / 1 Peter 2:9 / 1 John 1:6, 7 / Revelation 21:2, 9 / Revelation 22:17

1 Corinthians 12:1, 7, 10, 28, 31 / 1 Corinthians 14:1

Mark 16:17-20 / Romans 15:18, 19 / Hebrews 2:4

Romans 6:22 / Galatians 5:22, 23 / Ephesians 5:9 / Philippians 1:11

Psalm 103:3 / Isaiah 53:4, 5 / Matthew 8:17 / James 5:14-16 / 1 Peter 2:24

Luke 22:17-20 / 1 Corinthians 11:23 – 26

John 13:4-17 / 1 Timothy 5:9, 10

Genesis 14:18-20 / Genesis 28:20-22 / Malachi 3:10 / Luke 11:42 / 1 Corinthians 16:2 / 2 Corinthians 9:6-9 / Hebrews 7:1-21

Matthew 3:8 / Luke 19:8, 9

First, to resurrect the dead saints and to catch away the living saints to Him in the air. Second, to reign on the earth a thousand years.

John 5:28, 29 / Acts 24:15 / Revelation 20:5, 6

Matthew 25:46 / Luke 18:30 / John 10:28 / Romans 6:22 / 1 John 5:11-13

No liberation nor annihilation. Matthew 25:41-46 / Mark 3:29 / 2 Thessalonians 1: 8, 9 / Revelation 20:10-15 / Revelation 21:8

Brief History of the Church

In 2005 the Grant family moved from Austria to Scotland. They also attended the Church of God in Inverness that year. However, with so much travelling to Inverness during the week the family decided to seek the Lord about planting a new Pentecostal work in Nairn. After some serious prayer Gabi Grant was convinced that God wanted this new church plant in Nairn. However, Dereck needed more convincing. In fact, it was at a missionary conference in Elgin that God clearly spoke to Dereck about starting this new work in Nairn. The week before the church started in 2007, Gabi prayed for a sign that one person would come to the Lord that week. In fact, Sally Mulder gave her life to the Lord that very week as Gabi shared the Gospel with her in the Grants’ home. Sally Mulder is a highly valued Trustee in the church today.

Now, the Pentecostal Church of God Nairn had its first service on the 21st January 2007 on a very cold morning in the Little Theatre in Nairn (this was on the site of a former Salvation Army hall). At the same time, the Church of God in Inverness and Elgin provided regular support during the first few months of 2007. However, by the summer months of 2007 there were only around six people in the services as support quickly disappeared from the supporting churches. Therefore, anyone doing a pioneering church work should be encourage by the way God moved in our situation when we prayed. For example, many needs were met that only God could have met. In November the church was able to support its pastor part-time, and it also moved to Rosebank Hall. This move was helped by Nairn Free Church, and the Rev Bill Evans. Yet, over the year the church was grateful for those who came to support it. For example, Bible college students from the European Theological Seminary in Germany sung on the streets of Nairn; Pastor Edwin Amoah from Rotterdam came to preach; the Inverness and Elgin churches also played a significant role in many ways, too. Not to forget Bishop Billy McLaughlan who was serving as the National Overseer back then.

During 2008, different people visited the church and different nationalities were in attendance. One of the major events was a local woman who visited the church, and claimed that God healed her during the service. Since then, the woman has become fully mobile. In fact, a Brazilian family also made similar claims of God healing the man’s wife, who was seriously ill during this time. In general, the church saw a lot growth in 2008. And this was seen, when there were over 50 people, at the Nativity Play in December.

At the start of the year the church welcomed more people into membership. Then the church had another baptismal service in February. In June, Dr Larry Hess (Field Director for Europe) ministered God’s word in our church. At the same time, the church continued to have fellowship with other local churches through joint lunches and services. The highlight of the year was another successful Nativity Play in December with a clear Gospel message being preached to around 70 people. It would appear that 2009, became a time of strong relationship building inside and outside of the church.

In 2010, the church had people coming forward to be baptised in water. In fact, the young and the old came forward to be baptised which was a great encouragement. At the same time, the church was encouraged by different speakers from the USA: Rev Chuck Duncan, Rev Mark Landon, and Dr Dwain Pyeatt. The church also enjoyed having church picnics which went really well considering the Scottish weather. Furthermore, the Sunday school children had lots of fun when they went to Landmark during the summer. In fact, the year ended with another successful Nativity play with over 85 in attendance.

In May 2011, there were fewer church lunches because the church had to relocate back to the Little Theatre for a few months. Our church also had a baptismal service that year with the Inverness church which was the last time Pastor Paul Sn attended the church in Nairn. However, we continued to have joint church services like the Holy Week services which were held in Nairn Free Church that year. Dr Rob Kiff and his wife, Pat, took over the pastoral duties of the church during July when the Grants were travelling abroad for a month’s break. The church had a variety of speakers: Pastor Bruce Badder; Pastor Iain Gunn and his wife Michel; Pastor Jesse Duncan and the late Jeanette Chesser (all from the USA). Walter Waheed from Pakistan spoke for us as well as Donald Buchanan, a travelling evangelist. This brought about the church giving some financial help to mission projects in Kenya and Pakistan in 2011. Our Pastor Dereck Grant also became the National Treasure and Administer for the Church of God Scotland as well as overseeing the Northern District. The church finished off the year with another Nativity play.

In 2011 there were fewer church lunches because the church had to relocate to the Little Theatre for a few months. Dr Rob Kiff and his wife, Pat, pastored the church during July when the Grants were travelling abroad. At the same time, the church was blessed by Pastor Bruce Badder; Pastor Iain Gunn and his wife Michel; Pastor Jesse Duncan, and Walter Waheed. And the church also saw further growth in its numbers during 2011. The church managed to provide another Nativity play with fewer children, however, there were still over 75 in attendance.

At the present moment, our church is trying to raise money to renovate a building it has bought. However, the building needs a lot of work, but if we can raise the money then we can reach many lost souls.  If you can help us, please feel free to donate. Every donation no matter how small it is will help us reach our target.   Please contact us if you would like more information. Please pray that the Lord will meet our needs, so we can win the lost for Christ.

The building work is in full action during this month.

The building work is in full action during this month. Pastor Merv Milne from PWAMM preached on the 24th of this month and plans are put in place for the Dinner Outreach for Nairn. Our first youth meeting started in February, too.

Work in the building is held up because of bad weather and a number of other factors. Pastor Eric Jarrett from Edinburgh preached on the 21st March with a healing occurring in the service.

Building work starts back up with the building warrant holding back things. Bishop Dennis Tanner ministered on the 14th April.

The first Dinner Outreach took place on the 16th May with 90 people in attendance. The guest speaker was Arthur O’Malley from Paisley (see Dinner Outreach page). We also had a child dedication in May.

The youth barbecue was a great success on 3rd June.

Now, John Palmer became our church’s first elder at the start of the year. We also had the ‘Chalktalk’ team (these are artists that tell the Gospel with chalk and special lights) who came and did some ministry in April. In May our Pastor, Dereck Grant, became a part-time Railway Chaplain for the North of Scotland. However, the church had to relocate back to the Little Theatre in August for the last time. John Palmer and Ben Thomson continued to do their voluntary work on the building until the steel for the upstairs was ready to be installed during September and October. Then we were able to order more material for the building and the work on the ceiling and second floor began. Yet, the work was exhausting the church, so it was our first year without a Nativity play, but we had a carol service instead. But on the 31 December the first building team from the USA came to Scotland: Demond Kennedy, Zack Kennedy, Kristy Kennedy, Lance Hobby, and Nick Kleppinger who worked their socks off to get the upstairs floored and other key essentials done until their returned back home a week later. We will never forget what they did and for the generous funds they provided us with during a difficult time.

Now, as the work continued on the building with the help of John Palmer, Ben Thomson, and David Norwell – and other key people from Nairn. Yet, the insulation and plasterboard were going up quickly with their help. Pastor Paul McLaughlan and a team from Inverness helped to install some of the windows upstairs with the men from Nairn and Inverness. Then the second team from the USA arrived in May: Larry Anderson, Charles Taylor, Paul Amarendran, Butch Shelton who came for two weeks. They fitted the new toilets, kitchen, and stage along with other key jobs like tiling. The new windows and doors and heating system was also installed during May. In the following months electrical work was done with more plasterboard being fitted. People like Barry Howe made a cross for the wall and fitted door handles as well as a coffee bar. It would be impossible to list all who helped. However, we were running out of time and money. In fact, the church was struggle to pay its bills, but we started to pray and fast that God would provide, and He did with a £20,000 cheque coming on the last day of our fast. At the same time, the third team came from the USA: Freddy and Hindalecio (Carno) Valencia at the end of June to the beginning of July. They came in and painted the walls after the plasterers had finished off their work in June. They laid the laminate flooring and did some tiling. This allowed us to move into the building in July. Therefore, our first service in our new building on Crescent Road was on the 5th July. Nevertheless, we had our opening service in the United Reformed Church in August because of large numbers. The United Reformed Church in Nairn were so kind to us during the whole refurbishment period as well as their minister Rev Steven Manders. Anyway, there were some small finishing off jobs done on the building by John Heath after our opening service. For example, there was painting to be done on the outside of the building. After all this, we used our new building to start monthly men’s breakfasts and ladies’ meetings in September. We also helped a homeless man from Spain to find a home with our elders rather than sleeping in the back of a small van. The children had their first Halleluiah party in the building with lots of children in attendance. Pastors Derek and Astrid Gobbett ministered in the church and became Members. Their daughter and son-in-law who were missionaries in Zimbabwe also did some ministry. Pastor David Donaldson from the USA also preached and warned about false prophets with false motives. Finally, the Church of God Scotland moved its AGM back to Perth in 2015. And we finished of the year with a Hogmanay party with the young and the old.

After all the hard work on our new building our church members earned a well-deserved break. Of course, that did not stop us having our prayer meetings and Bible studies. At the same time, we continued to visit the sick at the local hospital in Nairn. We continued to have guest speakers such as Bishop Dennis Tanner and Evangelist Malcolm MacPherson. We had a child dedication; Derek and Astrid Gobbett became Ordained Church of God ministers that year before going to Zimbabwe on a mission trip. We supported a young man from another local church called Finlay who went to Italy on a mission trip. Another couple in our church renewed their wedding vows after five years of marriage. Furthermore, our church gives regularly to the local foodbank to help those in need. At the same time, our church was able to pay off one of its biggest loans which helped to remove some of our financial pressures. We might not have had a Nativity, but we had plenty of children that came to our Hallelujah party on the 31 October.
Now, 2017 might not sound too exciting, but it was the 10th anniversary of our church in Nairn. At the same time, our Pastor, Dereck Grant, became the Chaplain for the local football team, Nairn County FC in February. However, it was a very sad year because Pastor Paul McLaughlan Sn of Inverness passed away in May. In fact, he was the founding father for the Church of God in Scotland. Pastor Dereck stayed with him and his wife as a young Christian back in 1983 before going to Bible College in 1991. In September our two assistant pastors, Derek and Astrid Gobbett, were told by God to plant a new church in Forres. At the same time, our congregation faithfully supported this work on a weekly basis right to the end of 2017. Sadly, Pastors Derek and Astrid had to retire because of physical difficulties and for family reasons. However, Ross MacLean did a DVD report on all that has happened in Nairn during 2017 for the Church of God Scotland’s AGM in Perth.
It was one of those years that we lost a lot of members for various reasons such as poor health and moving away from the area. Our first speaker of the year was Evangelist Malcom McPherson with many others sharing God’s word during 2018 Nairn. For example, Dr Blayne Waltrip, Josh Montgomery and Fred Nicolson all from the USA. Now, during the Holy Week we came together with other local churches in Nairn to conduct services in the Free Church. After that, the Pastor and his wife went to Prague in April for a mini-break. Yet, this was a nice opportunity for Pastor Andrew Akilan, the National Youth Director in Scotland, to minister for the first time in Nairn. There was further excitement when Pastor Dereck, conducted the first wedding our church building on 21 April for Steve and Monika Bain who attend our church. It seemed to be one of those years when there was much to celebrate. Even our church Elder, John Palmer, celebrated his 70th birthday with a surprise party in our building. Furthermore, John and Judy Heath celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Of course, there were many other activities going on in the church. Our Pastor continues to serve as a chaplain for the Railway Mission and for Nairn County Football Club. There many not have been growth in numbers but there was certainly spiritual growth among our members which was such a blessing.

The church continues to seek the Lord in prayer with the vision of growing stronger in our walk with God!


Rev. Luke & Sarah Hollifield

Senior Pastor

Pastor Luke Hollifield and his family are originally from North Carolina, USA, and have been serving at Church of God Nairn since August 2022 when the Lord called them to serve in Scotland.

Pastor Luke and Sarah are committed to seeing the Great Commission fulfilled in Nairn and the surrounding communities, and consistently seek to raise up people of God to enact change, bring Christ glory, and show the deep unconditional love of Jesus.

Both Pastor Luke and Sarah are graduates of Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, USA, and are proud of the strong ministry foundation it gave them.

They share four beautiful daughters together: Lilly, Elliott, Arden, and Micah. Time spent with them is the greatest joy in their lives. They are firm believers that our first and biggest mission field is our own home, and strive to lead their children to an early love of Jesus.